Harm Reduction


While IcMD Pharmacy can fill any order we DO NOT fill opiates or other abused pharmaceuticals. Our communities have suffered and IcMD is here to reduce harm not create more. Contact us at info@icmd.ca to see if we can help develop a plan to reduce your usage of these products

Prescription Transfers


Effortlessly move your existing prescriptions over to our pharmacy. We will set you up with a plan to ensure constant and consistent delivery of the medication you need each month

Insurance Direct Billing


We offer direct billing to all 3rd party providers and most importantly to the NIHB plan. If you are covered we fill out the paperwork so you don't have to

Canada Wide Delivery


IcMD can ship anywhere the mail gets delivered in Canada. Urban, rural and especially remote. Let us be your local pharmacy

Same Day Shipment


As soon as we get your order we fill it. Then make arrangements to ship it out the same day. Some medications you need now. For the rest IcMD Pharmacy has you covered

Video Consultations


IcMD can offer video consultations with a pharmacist should you have any questions about your medications and their proper usage. Feel free to also use our Toll Free Line